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After the rousing success of Rochester’s first ever podcast festival in early 2014
the ROC-Podfest is back for its second annual weekend on February 6 and 7,  2015.

Once again the ever-expanding lineup of producers and performers from the countries first local podcast network rocpodcasts.com will provide two nights of free live entertainment at The Record Archive’s ultra-hip performance space.
This year’s festival will include comedy, talk, music, and many surprise guests and performances. Emceed by comedians Vinnie Paulino & Brian McBride from the “Rochester Show” podcast, each day of the festival will feature live podcast recording sessions open to the public, and each night from 6-8pm will feature 10 minute live sessions, rapid fire, from a rotating cast of podcasters from the ROC Podcasts network, all leading to a 8 pm ‘headlining’ hour-long live music event from two of the most prestigious shows on the network, Friday 2/6 at 8pm DJ Chris G’s Straight From the Underground 2.0 will present performances from local hip-hop artists Tru Starr, Golden & Emmy, Alvarez Masterminded, King Righteous & Kidd Called Quest. Saturday 2/7 at 8pm My18 TV’s The Rochester Show presents Rochester’s premiere party punk band KEATON.

6:00pm Nut’s & Bolts Comedy IMPROV SHOW
6:30pm Don’t Know Why
6:40pm Charlie Wildey
6:50pm A-Podcast
7:00pm Sports Mumblings
7:10pm Scho-Zone
7:20pm Air Wreck Radio
7:30pm Monkey Radio
7:45pm Under The Skin
8:00pm Straight From The Underground 2.0 Presents Tru Starr, Golden & Emmy, Alvarez Masterminded, King Righteous & Kidd Called Quest

6:00pm IRL Noobs
6:10pm Chamber Boys
6:20pm Radical Geek
6:30pm Something To Talk About
6:40pm Sound Of Tomorrow
6:50pm Letterheads
7:00pm Sound of Tomorrow
7:10pm The Lost Cosmonauts
7:20pm Mental Overload
7:30pm Average White Men
7:45pm The Rochester Show
8pm The Rochester Show Presents Keaton

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